Home Lighting Automation

We’ve done the dash – turning off every light in the house.  Home lighting automation can save Brisbane households up to 12%* on energy bills, simply by switching off lights when you leave the room.  Plexus’ world leading technology makes home lighting automation simple and seamless, even if you’re installing a system into an existing home.

Why is Plexus the smart choice for Brisbane families? Our home lighting automation is perfect for atmosphere, entertaining, dimming and gentle transitions. It is also perfect for added security for the home with flashing lights for silent alarms and presence simulation – where the lights mimic your usual routine.  

The Smart Automated Lighting System

If you need it, we can automate it.  Our class-leading European technology means your home energy efficiency system fits your family’s needs, completely.  Unlike other home lighting automation, we can help design the right lighting automation for your family’s needs.


Plexus Solutions

With a combined 40 years experience in sound and lighting, Plexus Solutions is Brisbane’s first choice for smart home automation systems.