Smart Home Heating and Cooling Systems

No smart home product can save you more than automated heating and cooling systems. Automate your blinds, shades and air conditioning to ensure maximum comfort and minimum energy bills all year round.  If you’re going to invest in one smart home product for the Brisbane climate, this is it!

Why our smart home cooling and heating is simply smarter

A favourite in “Passivhaus” design, our smart home products have been optimising comfort in European homes for years.  Unlike other systems, we can simply add smart control to your exisiting heating and cooling systems. Most importantly, our unique smart home technology allows for optimum temperature control in a single, fully customised and fully secure system.  Don’t sacrifice your family’s privacy for a little comfort.  Enjoy optimum temperature control, with 100% peace of mind.a

Smart Home heating Systems

Plexus Solutions

With a combined 40 years experience in sound and lighting, Plexus Solutions is Brisbane’s first choice for smart home automation systems.