Every system is a custom design to suit the needs of the building, space and the people that occupy it. Intelligent automation can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be and the cost follows.

Added security, energy efficiency, remote monitoring are just a few of the benefits that will save you money. Having peace of mind and knowing that one of your largest investments has the ability to look out for itself. Smart home technology also adds value to your home in the evolving property market.  Recent survey’s have shown that 92% of new home buyers would pay more for a home that could be controlled by their device.  

Different items or functions of your home working together to create efficiency and make life more simple. If different functions can’t work together, you might not have a smart home.

Any complex structure containing an intricate network of parts.

No we are not. Intelligent automation has functions that can add security to your home or business. Door and window contacts can alert your phone when you’re away. Presence simulation can mimic the same lighting as if your were home. Smart access or door bell can allow you to see who is at your door or who has entered or last to exit.

Absolutely, Our retrofit systems can speak wirelessly to 128 items in your home.  Control of your home will now be in the app. 

ASAP!  We would love to get involved in the initial design phase and will need to coordinate with your builder and all of their trades.  We need to have everyone on board so your smart home can be the best it can possibly be and continue with expansions into the future.

Plexus Solutions

With a combined 40 years experience in sound and lighting, Plexus Solutions is Brisbane’s first choice for smart home automation systems.